Dimple whisky, the oldest between scotch whiskies

Dimple whisky or pinch as known in the USA is the very first scotch whisky from the Haig distilling dynasty. Having being available for more than 300 years, it is now a part of the story. Records available reveal that in 1855 Robert Haig was called before the Kirk Session for having worked his still on the whiskyyeast.com Sabbath. Prior to that Robert Haig had in 1627 initiated a farm at Throsk Stirlingshire. Thus the year 1627 is considered as the year the time Haig got into distilling. Haig’s transferred to Newbiggin and Orchard and remained there till the end of the eighteenth century, All of this even while he went on to distil.

Robert Haig’s great-great grandson, John Haig, married Margaret Stein in the year 1751. The Stein’s had set up distilleries at Kilbagie and Kennetpans in Clackmanshire. All of the five sons of James Haig got into the business and mastered distilling and of the five, four went on to create their own distilleries in different parts of Scotland, England, and Ireland.

The Haig’s passed on the art of distilling fine whisky throughout the generations and almost all heirs of Robert Haig’s actually owned and operated distilleries. John Haig opened up a distillery in Edinburgh in 1824 at Cameronbridge and his son John was the first to use a new system of mixing, this in the year 1870 and by the end of the 1800s they had perfected the fine art of making whisky.

Today, Pinch or dimple Whisky is found in the homes of the wealthy and in the most expensive of bars and restaurants throughout the world. People that have decent taste and appreciate fine whisky prefer the rare quality of dimple whisky. Pinch maintains the high quality constantly and in the year 1987 it garnered the gold medal in the Deluxe blended category at the International Wine and Spirit competition.

It is very easy to distinguish pinch or dimple whisky. Dimple whisky comes in a triangular bottle with a wire net wrapped around it. This attractive container offers been around for centuries and the wire mesh is applied by hand. The wire mesh was initially present to prevent the cork out of coming off during rough weather at sea.

As important as the bottle is the pinch decanter. Many a homes utilize it as a decorative item very long subsequently after the whisky have been consumed. It is no surprise that the uniquely shaped pinch bottle seemed to be the first bottle to be branded in the USA in 1958.

All of in All dimple whisky is liked by whisky lovers across the world and it is also considered as a wonderful gift and to give it to someone you love, value, and respect. There is certainly no top bar in Europe or USA or for that matter on the planet that does not listed dimple Scotch whisky on the menu. This is an honor to Robert Haig and his successors who initiated it all.