Fill your mini bar to the maximum with mini vodka bottles

If you are an avid fan of vodka that loves to experience different brands of vodka from around the globe then you can now fill your mini bar to the maximum with mini vodka bottles. The variety of vodka available throughout the world is truly mind-boggling and you can allow your palate to experience several different vodkas in a truly cost-effective manner by opting for attractive mini bottles.

Vodka is a wonderfully strong and smooth spirit that has been enjoyed by avid drinkers all around the globe for centuries. This potent-yet-smooth spirit is made after brewing and distilling various ingredients such as water, sugar, potatoes or wheat, rye, etc so as to pack a wonderful punch in each bottle before it reaches your hands. While large normal vodka bottles contain around 750ml to 1 liter of transparent or colored vodka in each bottle, these mini vodka bottles might just contain around 40ml to 50ml of this precious liquid that can help you experience a truly new flavor and character without having to purchase a large bottle.

These tiny and attractive mini vodka bottles have also become collectors’ items as vodka aficionados all around the globe collect rare bottles of different brands while meeting up with like minded collectors to show their collection. You too can turn your passion for vodka into a heady hobby by collecting these bottles that are actually available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. In fact you can also turn your hobby into a business by buying and selling these mini bottles to other avid drinkers and collectors. You can also extend your hobby by making your own vodka right at home if it is allowed in your country and state.

If you are permitted to make vodka in your own home then all you will need is a home brewing and distilling kit along with key ingredients including water, sugar, and your choice of grains or vegetables. However, one main ingredient that is often overlooked in the manufacture of vodka is vodka yeast. You can certainly improve the strength and quality of your end product by opting for turbo yeast, which is a hardy variant of the saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast. This tough as nails yeast is fortified with micro nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that gives it high alcohol tolerance as well as temperature tolerance properties.

The ethanol fermentation using turbo yeast will surely result in strong fermented ethanol that will help your distillation process too and reward you with extremely strong and smooth vodka at the end of all your processes. You can add your own vodka to your min bar as well as share your signature spirit with other like minded enthusiasts so as to keep on improving your brewing and distillation techniques with each batch. However, half your battle will anyway be won with the inclusion of turbo yeast in your sugar fermentation process.

Your love for vodka in all forms can turn into a visual display when you start collecting mini bottles of vodka distilled in various countries around the globe. You can also extend your hobby by making your own vodka at home with the help of super yeast such as turbo yeast. You can now fill your mini bar to the maximum with mini vodka bottles so as to sip on and also display your love for vodka with other like minded fans of this wonderfully strong and smooth spirit.

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