Raspberry liquor

Raspberry liquor is made of raspberries and has a beautiful color and taste. The sugar content and its brewing have a big effect on this product. This particular liquor is produced in the latter years of the 17th century in the Valley of Loire -France. When Louis XIV had visited the Chateau de Chambord, this liquor drink of Raspberry was introduced to him. In those days it was a common practice for people to consume different blends of cognac and liquor with meals and/or snacks.

Chambord is prepared from Madagascar Vanilla, blackberries, Moroccan citrus peel,, raspberries, cognac and honey to make a natural Black Raspberry liquor.

This specific raspberry liquor is made of natural ingredients and its preparation is done at a chateau which is a very traditional Loire Valley. The process is thus – blackberries and raspberries are soaked in French spirits for a few weeks to derive a tasty and rich infusion made of fruits. This process gives rise to a naturally distinct raspberry aroma and flavor.

Once the extraction of the infusionism done, they add another layer of some spirits, which is made to stand for a few weeks. After this is also withdrawn the remainder of the fruit is pressed and the natural juice and sugar are extracted. The juice and spirits which are fruit infused finally, are finally combined and lastly, the berry infusion is mixed with a proportionate blend of natural vanilla, spices, herbs, honey and peels. There is a 16.5% alcohol content in this, by volume.

This specific raspberry liquor – Chambord is presented in the market in a spherical shaped bottle. Now since mid 2010, this bottle comes with metal gold and plastic letterings – “belt” around its centre, with a beautiful and attractive crown as the lid. The first makeover of the bottle was done which was debuted in American markets in the summer of 2010. The bottle’s lid, belt and some more elements were modified to suit the taste of their audience, which is ever so contemporary. Soon after this modification followed Chambord’s maiden extension of the product – which was deliciously flavored Vodka.

There are many other common drinks made from Chambord which are – French Manhattan, Chambord Vodka Gimlet, Chambord Daiquiri Raspberry Margarita, Chambord Royal Spritzer and so many others which gave birth to cocktails. The bottle’s label declares that – to enjoy its optimum flavor and taste, once the cork of the bottle is opened – the content should be consumed within a period of six months.

A home recipe. Place it in a decanter and gift it to anyone you feel like impressing.

1. Cook sugar in water on a medium flame until all the sugar is dissolved. Keep stirring. Let cool.
2. Crush Raspberries in your food processor. Combine the sugar mixture and the raspberries in a bowl and add in the vodka and stir.
3. Pour this vodka mixture in hygienic bowls and secure their lids. Preserve his for 4 weeks. Do not forget to keep stirring every third day.
4. After 4 weeks strain the mixture and separate all the solids.
5. Pour the liquid in a clean and beautiful decanter preferably made of glass. Chill it, sit back and enjoy your Raspberry Liquor. The most elite liquor ever made by you.

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