What are the reasons behind the popularity of tonic gin?

No other drink beats a tonic gin on a sunny afternoon. For gin lovers a gin and tonic is all that they would want. The story of gin and tonic goes a long way. Until some time back the origins of this drink was not really clear. But this drink was invented by none other than the British in the most unlikely place. This drink was introduced by the British East India Company in India.


The story behind the drink is quite intriguing. Tonic water is said to contain quinine which is useful in preventing and treating malaria. The 18th century tonic water bottles contained a substantially large amount of quinine giving tonic water a very bitter taste.


The officers from the Company simply added gin to make the tonic water more palatable. As luck would have it the trend caught on and then stuck. Today almost everyone loves a gin and tonic.


Tonic water is essentially a carbonated soft drink with quinine dissolved in it. It was originally used to prevent malaria. Tonic water was initially intended to be consumed only in tropical areas in South Asia and Africa as in these areas malaria was endemic


Today the tonic water in the tonic gin that we drink contains a far lesser amount of quinine making it a lot less bitter. In fact you can also get tonics that are a little sweetened. What makes gin and tonic complement each other is the flavor of the quinine present in the tonic water. Tonic gin go hand in hand just like gin and dry vermouth in the classic martini mix. The association of gin drinking during warmer seasons is mainly because of the connection that gin has with warm climates.


Gin and tonic are popularly known as G T in Britain and Ireland. The perfect way to make this drink is to take a highball glass filled with ice. Pour the gin over the ice and then top it off with tonic water.


You can garnish your tonic gin with a wedge of lemon or a lime. The amount of gin that can be used to make this drink can vary depending on the persons taste and liking. However, the ratio suggested by mixologists to make the perfect GT is 1:1, 1:2 or 2:3.

Tonic gin is so popular in Britain that at times it is also called a TT. A TT is also a type of gin and tonic but the gin used here is Tanqueray. Tanqueray is a type of London Dry Gin and is very popular amongst gin drinkers across the world.


There are many references that are made to the classic tonic gin. It has achieved cult status and finds a mention even in P. G. Wodehouse novels. The character of Bertie Wooster swore by this drink in all of PG Wodehouse novels. Billy Joel mentions tonic gin in his song the Piano Man.


While tonic gin is generally considered an old man’s drink this allocation is quite unfair as this drink is very refreshing, elegant, smooth and extremely dignified. In fact a gin and tonic is perfect for those long and balmy afternoons where you have nothing much to do.

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